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Queen of Babylon

VID links Update

if you know a Vid Site Tell me!!! I will add it to this page.
If you make vids give me the link of the site.
Leave a comment... or contact me: pass0ab1tch@hotmail.com

Acacia's Vids (B&J + Other Fandoms)

Aida's Music Vids (B&J)

Arlea Miranda's Vids (B&J)

BabylonQueen's Vids (B&J+ Other Fandoms)

BeckyC Vids (B&J)

BOB-FanVids (B&J + Other Fandoms)

Brian & Justin 4 Eva (B&J)

Brian and Justin Video Page (B&J)

'Britin' (B&J)

Buffyann's Vids (B&J + Other Fandoms)

Crichey (B&J)

Gale Harold Music Video (B&J)

JennyJo's Vids (B&J)

Jess Vids (B&J)

JL Reimer Vids (B&J)

Kinnetik Sunshine (B&J + others fandoms)

Kitze Productions (B&J + others fandoms)

Krissy's Vids (B&J)

Larissa's Vids (B&J)

Lexise's Queer as Folk Page (B&J)

Merry Go Round (B&J)

Michelledru Music Video's and Fanart (b&J)

Mylu's Vids (B&J + Other Fandoms)

Obsessive24's Vids (B&J + Other Fandoms)

Paraka's Vids (B&J)

Princess of Babylon (B&J)

Queer as Folk Club (B&J)

QaF Corner (B&J)

Queer as Folk "Haven" Videos (B&J)

Queer Eyes (B&J)

Rhian's Music Videos (B&J,J&E)

Roughvelvet Videos (B&J + other fandoms)

Sam's Vids (B&J)

Silviakundera (B&J + Other fandoms)

Sisabet (B&J)

Sunshine's Vids (B&J)

Suzvoy's Vids (B&J)

Too Lunatics'n Won : SHUT DOWN


Taylor Made Art (B&J)

TeresaCook's Vids (B&J)

Xhale Slowly (B/J)

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