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Justin/Brian AU love story. The Man in Between Darkness and Light, Part 1

Title: The Man in Between Darkness and Light, Part 1: Living in the Shadows
Music: Communication by The Cardigans
Vidder: Ar-Feiniel
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Seasons: All
Rating: PG
Description: Brian is a brilliant ad exec and the most wanted gay man in Pittsburg, who believes in fucking, not love. One night he sees Justin (a young artist) at Babylon and takes an interest in him, but unfortunately, Justin is in a relationship with Ethan (a fiddler). Brian's obsession is growing as he keeps running into Justin, to which latter is totally oblivious. To Brian's utter shock they finally meet at Mel & Linz's party. Brian tries to insert himself in Justin's life: when they meet at the Liberty Diner he offers Justin a job at his ad agency (which makes Ethan wonder), attends his exhibition and buys one of his paintings. However, when he invites Justin to the GLC carnival and Ethan interrupts them, it seems that he shouldn't hope for anything more from Justin. Then the unexpected happens - after one recital Ethan cheats, Justin finds out, break things off with him and moves in temporarily with Mel & Linz, where Brian accidentally finds him, and this time Justin accepts a job. They enjoy working together and soon Justin starts hanging out with Brian and the gang and later even collaborates on a comic book "RAGE" with Michael. Brian, for the first time caring about someone, isn't sure how to go about conveying his feelings or how to act. And although he finally makes his move on Justin and they start seeing each other, he's not able to commit to one person. When they date casually, Justin (despite being uncomfortable with this) tolerates such an arrangement, but when Brian invites him to move in with him, yet still can't change his ways, Justin makes a decision to leave Brian.

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