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Music Video: Believe In Life

Believe In Life banner

Pairing: Brian/Justin
Song: ‘Every Little Thing’ performed by Dishwalla
Timeframe: Post 513 with flashbacks to all seasons
Video by: tv_fan_2008 (aka equixen)
Banner by: tv_fan_2008

Summary: Another post513 video because there is nothing I love more then to bring Brian and Justin back together :) The scenes with the overlay are Brian's memories and everything else is their last night together (before Justin leaves for New York) and their future.

Vidder's notes: 7wildwaysup made a request at qaf_collabos for a music video to this song that would then accompany a fic she was going to write. She came up with the theme and this is what I put together for her. The first chapter of this wonderful fanfic can now be found here at her journal so go check it out :)

For more great collaborations, check out qaf_collabos.

Disclaimer: All content belongs to their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended. Credit is at the end of the video, as normal but I also wanted to add that an additional clip was borrowed from Smallville which belongs to Tollin/Robbins Productions, The WB, The CW and DC Comics.

Feedback is always appreciated.

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